The Kleos Road to Growth Story | The Cherie Blair Foundation

Glory Enyinnaya, the Lead Consultant and Founder of Kleos Advisory Africa, is one of the 22,500 Nigerian women entrepreneurs to have participated in the Cherie Blair Foundation’s Road to Growth programme, which from 2019-2020 supported her to develop a framework for planning her business and growing her network to include other like-minded women entrepreneurs in her community.

A year on, she reflects on her experiences in this interview with the Cherie Blair Foundation:

Highlights of the interview are below:

”The more successful I am, the more I am enabled to make a difference in the lives of my clients, community and the greater the impact on the GDP and the economy of Nigeria as a whole.

I will definitely encourage other women to take part in the Road to Growth programme.

In five years, I see myself as being established as an expert in my field, and I see my business having acquired international clients as well. Also, I see a world where women see entrepreneurship not as a male-dominated field but as a field they can indeed play in and excel.