Our Approach

With our wealth of experience and knowledge of best practices across multiple industries, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to suit the ever-evolving market place. Our approach is to establish a unique value-driven connection with our clients; we are bold in implementation and seek to ‘’change the game’’, consistently delivering results that are world-class.

We work with CEOs and Senior Project Directors who are challenged with low rates of adoption of change initiatives . At Kleos, we have a deep commitment to helping clients build an internal capability for sustaining change by placing greater emphasis on a collaborative relationship, training, and communications. Our most significant development over the last four years, however, has been our development of a customized methodology and next-generation tools that bring precision and predictability to every phase of the change lifecycle. We help ensure compliance with change, a positive return on funds invested in projects and consequently, improved organizational performance.


Helping banks create the ultimate customer experience.


Helping the oil and gas industry navigate critical transitions.

Public Service

Transforming Africa’s public service to deliver better results for individuals, families and societies.

Consumer Goods and Services

Increasing efficiency for accelerated growth.


Innovative solutions implemented for customer retention, growth and profit.

Media and Telecommunications

Making the connections that innovation demands.

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I was extremely pleased with the training/consulting services provided by Kleos. The lead consultant brought the optimal mix of change management knowledge and real world experience. She was very professional in her approach to working with us. She was able to quickly grasp what we wanted to accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals, which she put down in a change management strategy document. She has a wide variety of implementation scenarios in her background that she drew information from. The training workshop that she put together and delivered in Accra was very well received. It generated a lot of interest in the change management process. I highly recommend Kleos for any change management project.

Seyi A.
Public Service client

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