Access Bank Plc

Financial Services
Lagos, Nigeria
Our partnership with Access Bank signifies a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and driving economic growth across Nigeria through the YouThrive program, an initiative aimed at empowering four million Nigerian youth entrepreneurs by 2028.

The International Business Accelerator

Global Market Entry Specialists
San Francisco, United States
Through our partnership with the IBA, we aim to provide support for companies that wish to expand internationally by ensuring internal systems, legal entities, intellectual property, teams, resources and expectations support success in the US and North American markets.

Entrepreneur Scan

Software and Technology
Utrecht, Netherlands
Our partnership with E-Scan empowers us to provide customized coaching based on psychometric personality testing.

Faster Capital

Venture Capital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Through this partnership, we match startups with angel investors, venture capitalists, government funds, banks and other funding sources. We also provide technical support and cover 50% of the costs required for software development, UI and UX, AI etc.
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