Kleos Mentorship Spotlight: Chioma Ukpabi – Transforming Vision into Success

Meet Chioma Ukpabi, recently recognized as one of Nigeria’s top 50 founders by MSME Africa. Her journey to this accolade showcases the power of strategic business planning and dedicated mentorship.

When Chioma started working with Kleos Advisory as a participant of the Keystone Startup Advantage program, she had a brilliant idea but needed guidance to bring it to life. Over three months, we worked closely together, starting with her vision. We defined her mission and set ambitious yet achievable goals, driven by Chioma’s infectious passion.

Next, we dove into strategic planning, mapping out actionable steps with clear objectives and milestones. This plan served as a roadmap, guiding Chioma through the complexities of her business landscape.

Resource allocation was crucial. We created detailed budgets and financial projections, ensuring optimal utilization of every resource. This financial clarity empowered Chioma to move forward confidently.

Skill development was a priority. Kleos provided training in leadership, digital marketing, and e-commerce, equipping Chioma with essential tools for success. Her dedication to learning was truly inspiring.

Throughout this journey, ongoing mentorship was key, providing Chioma with guidance, support, and feedback to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

Networking played a pivotal role in Chioma’s journey. Kleos connected her with potential investors, partners, and industry experts, opening doors to new opportunities.

Finally, impact measurement was essential. We defined success metrics and tracked Chioma’s progress, ensuring her business made a positive difference.

Success Story Highlight:
Within just three months of our collaboration, Chioma Ukpabi won first prize in the 2022 Keystone Startup Advantage program, receiving 3 million Naira! Her journey exemplifies what can be achieved with a clear plan and dedicated mentorship.

At Kleos Advisory, our core values—Service, Professionalism, Innovation, Resourcefulness, Intrapreneurship, and Trust (SPIRIT)—guide every step of our journey. Together, we’re committed to turning entrepreneurial dreams into thriving, impactful businesses.

Let’s connect and create a future where your business not only succeeds but leaves a lasting legacy!

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